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P.A.T. Testing

Do you require P.A.T testing in Limerick? If so, we can provide it to you at Electrician Limerick City. We perform P.A.T testing for all types of appliances so that you are safe from any potential harm. If you have had someone to perform routine testing for you but you are no longer satisfied with the level of service that they offer, we hope that you will consider allowing us to perform the work for you. We perform testing for hospitals, factories, schools, universities, offices, emergency services, clubs, restaurants, hotels, theme parks, warehouses, banks, construction sites, and so much more.

Why P.A.T Testing Is Necessary

Not only does this type of testing protect your interest but it protects the interest of most insurance companies. Some insurance companies require P.A.T testing and without it, your insurance policy may be deemed invalid. You must comply with the necessary testing if you wish to maintain your insurance policy. Here are some additional reasons for having it performed.

  • Reduces the risk of injury or death to you and others
  • Legally required for health and safety purposes
  • Minimizes the risk of fire due to faulty appliances