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Every type of business has some type of electrical outlets. Most businesses can’t survive without electricity. If you use computers, you have electricity. If you have an HVAC system, you use electricity. If you have a security system, you use electricity. Electricity is an essential part of everyday life for most people. When you require the services of an electrician in Limerick , you can always depend on us. We work with businesses of every type and size. Whether you need new wiring services or require P.A.T testing, we can provide you with these services and a lot more.


As a commercial business, you are subjected to stricter electrical codes than a homeowner, as you have to offer safety to employees, and customers. To ensure that you can meet these codes, we recommend an electrical inspection several times a year. If there are any violations then we will discover it during the inspection. Since we are the most qualified team of professional electricians, we are qualified to perform the inspections for you. We are familiar with many of the city’s building layouts, which makes it even easier for us to perform your inspection.

Safety First

We don’t want anyone to experience a tragic incident simply because they were negligent with his or her electricity needs. It’s important that you first, hire the right person, and second, have the right type of services administered. Safety comes first! Choose an person with the proven qualifications and credentials to handle your electrical needs, such as those that you’ll find at Electrician Limerick City. It’s also important to make sure that you have the correct type of electrical services administered. Protect yourself and those who work for you by making sure that you always make safety a priority and hire the right technician for the right job.